Ideas wide open.


Marlin Motion 2016

The world of food never stands still. It’s only fitting we show it in motion.

Enjoy our new reel of motion and film work. Thanks to our fantastic shooters, animators, and talent that make our work possible. Even enjoyable.

If you’d like to know who did what, drop us a line.


Knorr’s New Rigid Packaging

Dedicated to making things easier for their fellow chefs in the field, the team at Knorr® completely redesigned their foodservice packaging in 2014. We were charged with creating a piece that outlined the numerous benefits of the new container while keeping viewers visually engaged. Go ahead! Click play and get ready for a show.



Simple Winter Decadence

Starbucks latest winter promotion follows the hustle and bustle of the holidays with a simple yet indulgent Caramel Brewed Coffee. To promote it, we created a short video that simultaneously demonstrates the offering’s ease as well as its irresistibility. And yes, that’s a word, irresistibility.


Can Do


Serving Up Something Bright

SBC Movie Version3 Final-HD from Marlinco on Vimeo.

Sometimes the best way to connect with people is through inescapable happiness. Luckily, that kind of upbeat message is perfect for our client, Seattle’s Best Coffee. And it fit perfectly with the opportunity we wanted to share with our audience, the opportunity to bring great coffee to people everywhere.


Breakfast with a Side of Burlesque

The Marlin Network Breakfast & Burlesque from Marlin Network on Vimeo.