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Ocean Horizons Feature Image

New Opportunities on the Horizon

We were given the opportunity to work with UniPro once again to create a new logo for their existing brand: Ocean Horizons. A brand with more than 50 years of foodservice distribution experience, Ocean Horizons has knowledge and solutions as vast as the sea itself. Their expansive portfolio includes shrimp, scallops and a variety of fish—all flash frozen at sea for peak quality. From ocean to table, their products are sourced with intention to make fresh-tasting seafood a reality on operators’ menus.

Because their name was so iconic and their portfolio of products so vast, we wanted to create a logo to represent the place where water meets sky—and quality meets convenience—in order to help them express their commitment to deliver today’s favorites while diving deeper into the demands of tomorrow.

Ocean Horizons Brand GuidelinesOcean Horizons Primary Logo

The logo showcases a dynamic fishing trawler bringing the day’s catch to market, made iconic by breaking waves, and a setting sun. The stylized boat is complimented by typography capturing an oceanic tone, bringing mark and message together for a bold logo solution.

Our Lines Run DeeperOcean Horizons Leaping MackerelOcean Horizons Quality Assured SealOcean Horizons Red Snapper PackagingOcean Horizons Packaging GroupOcean Horizons Tiered LogosRed Snapper Engraved IllustrationGotham Type SpecimenEnchanted Type SpecimenCod Fish Engraved IllustrationFresh Frozen at Sea Red Snapper PosterFresh Frozen at Sea Yellowfin Tuna PosterFresh Frozen at Sea Atlantic Salmon PosterFrom Ocean to Table Our Lines Run Deeper

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Black Oak Brand Feature

A Campaign Generations in the Making

For generations, the good folks at Black Oak have been perfecting the products they craft so foodservice customers can confidently offer their patrons the highest-quality precooked protein in its class. They’ve also expanded their offerings to include new smoked meat flavors.

We were asked to contemporize their branding with a new identity and update their foodservice sales materials and photography to better signify their upscale reputation and help communicate that, while their expertise may have been decades in the making, they were constantly working toward innovative ways to make business bigger, better, and easier for their chef and operator customers.

Black Oak Pulled PorkBlack Oak T-shirtBlack Oak Pork Tenderloin SandwichBlack Oak Brand CollateralBlack Oak Baby Back RibsBlack Oak Brand Packaging

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The Passion to Please

Between expanding government regulations, rising labor and food costs and always finicky students, school foodservice directors face a lot of challenges in the lunchroom. PepsiCo wanted to send a message that they get it—and can help.

If there’s one thing that keeps school foodservice directors motivated, it’s their passion for creating delicious meals that their kids will love. So we developed a brand campaign to let them know they have a partner in PepsiCo who shares their passion to please.

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Making Today a Bit Brighter

Everybody deserves the absolute best day possible and every amazing day has to start somewhere. That’s the spirit behind Unipro’s Brighton Farms, a built-from-scratch foodservice dairy brand offering a variety of fresh dairy case products that help operators fulfill every dairy need whether it’s front-of-house or back-of-house.

Marlin developed the Brighton Farms brand from identifying the strategic opportunity, the brand name, identity, and final packaging applications, all reflecting the promise that you can always brighten today with a little Brighton.

Brighton Farms Style GuideBrighton Farms Primary IdentityBrighton Farms Truck & TaglineBrighton Farms Milk Carton DielineBrighton Farms Packaging GroupBrighton Farms Type Specimen 1Brighton Farms Type Specimen 2Brighton Farms Iconography & PatternsBrighton Farms Signoff

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PepsiCo FlavorWorks Hero

Branding a Team of Innovative Culinarians

PepsiCo Foodservice is home to lots of popular, tempting brands — PEPSI®, DORITOS®, CHEETOS®, QUAKER®, just to name a few. And PepsiCo has a whole team of culinary innovators working to uncover ways these products can be used as ingredients to create bold new menu items that serve up tastes people already love in ways they never expected.

Our challenge was to brand this team and process, giving them a sense of pride and excitement while also letting everyone know that when it comes to OMG flavor, this group isn’t messing around.

Marlin’s brand development team designed the identity and developed a comprehensive style guide setting the foundation for clear and consistent brand usage for all of FlavorWorks communications.

PepsiCo FlavorWorks LogoPepsiCo FlavorWorks Style GuidePepsiCo FlavorWorks Tag LinePepsiCo FlavorWorks Logo Embroidered & WebsitePepsiCo FlavorWorks Icons & Style Guide Book

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PepsiCo Foodservice

When We Say Partner, You Say Pepsi

Everyone knows PepsiCo for its cola heritage, but there’s much more than soda going on behind the blue. There’s a massive portfolio of loved and leading brands, and even more than that, there’s a wealth of services and insights to help make sure that foodservice operators who work with PepsiCo can benefit from all that a global powerhouse has to offer. We developed a brand campaign and video to help audiences understand the many ways they can partner with PepsiCo Foodservice.

Designed by the PepsiCo Design & Innovation Studio, the PepsiCo Foodservice logo is the primary brand mark for their foodservice division. Marlin developed a comprehensive brand guidelines around the new identity that served as a wayfinder through the development of all internal and operator facing communications.

PepsiCo Foodservice LogoPepsiCo Foodservice Style GuidePepsiCo Foodservice Embroidered Logo & Moments That Matter AdPepsiCo Foodservice Lunch BunchPepsiCo Foodservice Ads & PepsiCo Partners WebsitePepsiCo Foodservice at National Restaurant Association TradeshowPepsiCo Foodservice Photography & Cola Splashed Cup

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Mill Street Butchers & Provisioners

Mill Street Center-of-Plate

For over 150 years, Springfield Grocer Company has provided customers with solutions for all their food needs. In that spirit, SGC has extended its menu of protein options through an in-house, center-of-the-plate (COP) program. Mill Street Butchers & Provsioners is designed to provide foodservice operators the same trust and quality as expected when going to a local butcher back in a time when they might also been their good neighbor.

Marlin tackled SGC’s COP program brand development assignment by creating their brand voice, program name, identity design, tactical applications, and a comprehensive style guide.

Springfield Grocers Distribution FacilityMill Street Brand GuidelinesMill Street Full-Color Logo

A hanging sign featuring a silo pays homage to SGC’s Mill Street storefront and also the remnants of the many grain storage and distribution operations surrounding one of SGC’s earliest homes.

Mill Street Black & White Logo


Mill Street Box Truck GraphicsMill Street Pocket FolderMill Street COP Fresh Protein PackMill Street Butcher’s ApronExcited patrons are all aquiver with anticipation for juicy sizzling steaks from Mill Street Butchers & ProvisionersMill Street Beef Chart

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It’s Good to be The King

Nothing’s got more hot sauce cred than Frank’s RedHot® Sauce. It was the secret ingredient in the original Buffalo wings, and today it still puts up big numbers as the #1 hot sauce brand in America.

So the plan for a new site was clear: leverage the brand’s lead to help operators hone their own wing skills. The Frank’s RedHot® King of Wings program did just that—via promotions, recipes, tips, tools and a little old lady who brought her A game.

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SGC Foodservice

SGC Foodservice

Not too long ago, we were lucky enough to do some work for a local company that got its start right next door to us. Of course, that was over 150 years ago. Yep, Springfield Grocer Company has been serving its customers since 1865. Needless to say—but we’ll say it anyway—we were excited to work with such a historic and trusted company to update their look and help expand their reach.

One of the key components of their request was that they no longer wanted to be defined by their location. Sure, Springfield was where they got their start, but they serve a much, much larger area now. Of course, we didn’t want to step completely away from all that heritage, so we came up with a way to pay homage to where they came from without limiting where they could go. Take a look and see what you think of the new SGC identity.

Your Success Delivered.™SGC Foodservice LogoSGC Foodservice Icons Brochure and Business CardsSGC Foodservice Mug & FolderSGC Foodservice Delivery GuySGC Delivers.

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Cobb 100 Year Meeting

Celebrating a Century

Cobb began as a small family farm in Littleton, Massachusetts in 1916, and just celebrated their 100-year anniversary. We were honored to be part of their event near the birthplace of their great company, Boston, and help them and their family of distributors celebrate a century of progress.

When we started developing the identity and concepts for the centennial, we wanted to embrace the history and culture of Cobb. So we started sorting through old photos and imagery from the company’s archives. One image in particular stood out, featuring a beautiful old Cobb truck and some determined employees.

Most of the pieces and ideas for the event developed and evolved from that central image. This focus allowed us to celebrate the company’s growth throughout the last 100 years in business, as well as honor the employees and customers who helped make it all possible.

Cobb 100 Year Vintage Delivery Truck Cobb 100 Year Vintage Delivery Truck Cobb 100 Year Truck Illustration Cobb 100 Year We Go Way Back Ad Cobb 100 Year Timeline Cobb 100 Year Trade Show Cobb 100 Year Meeting Venue Cobb’s Curly The Dog Cobb 100 Year Meeting

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Edgewood Creamery Brand Identity Project

Naturally Crafted. Naturally Good.

Edgewood Creamery is a fantastic local family-owned and operated establishment in Southwest Missouri that uses a natural, balanced rotational grazing dairy to produce fresh, quality milk, which is then used to handcraft small batches of some truly exceptional cheeses.

We recently had the pleasure to work with these wonderful folks to help them redefine their brand, identity, and packaging applications to establish their growing business in the artisan cheese category. We’re pretty proud of how it all turned out, but even prouder of the fact that we were able to stop eating their cheese long enough to write this.

Edgewood Creamery Logotile-edgewood_02 tile-edgewood_03 tile-edgewood_04 tile-edgewood_05 tile-edgewood_06 tile-edgewood_07

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A Structure Reclaimed

The last time we featured our Hotel Vandivort branding work, renovations were still underway. Dust was in the air and guests were still a hope. Now that it’s complete, you can walk by practically any time of day and see The Order bustling with business and the lobby area full of plugged-in professionals.

Originally built in 1906 as a Masonic Temple, the Vandivort’s expansive open flooring and historic charm made it a perfect pick to become Springfield’s first four-diamond hotel, a bit of SoHo right here in SoMo. And we’re proud to share more of our work for this iconic property.



The building’s history coupled with its downtown charm lends itself to a playful brand personality.


Cheeky and drool-worthy, The Order’s menu redesign draws in Springfield natives and hungry out-of-town hipsters alike.


The fun voice follows guests in-room with oddly specific do not disturb signs and friendly request cards.

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Built 1904, Reborn 2014

Last year, we were selected to create an identity package for Springfield’s first boutique hotel. Named after the historic building where it’s located, Hotel Vandivort was originally home to a Masonic Temple. As you can imagine, the building’s history and its location in the heart of downtown inspired a range of concepts and executions.

The final logo design uses the subtle shape of a Masonic plumb bob to create an iconic V-shape that draws emphasis to the hotel's name and location. We're in the process of developing more creative as renovation on the building continues to move forward. Please check back for updates and new work.

Vandivort Sketch

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Trident Pub House Golden Ale Beer Battered Seafood Logo

Branding Battered

When Trident Seafood asked us to help brand their new line of craft beer battered seafood, we thought to ourselves, “We love craft beer and we love batter. Dream job has arrived!” Working closely with our client to align with the existing Pub House brand, we created a systemwide identity for Golden Ale that was implemented in advertising, trade shows, digital and back-of-house packaging.

Trident Pub House Golden Ale Logo VariantsTrident Pub House Golden Ale Box




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Logolounge 8 Selected

Farmer’s Market Logo Yields Award

Farmer’s markets strive to keep things local, and in that spirit Marlin helped brand our newest farmer’s market, The Farmer’s Market of the Ozarks. It’s an open-air venue with traditional retail space that’s held together by loft-style apartments overlooking the lively marketplace.

Farmer Market of the Ozarks Logo

Selected for publication in the upcoming and prestigious Logolounge 8 book, the logo features an icon of a fork and plant, reflecting the farm-to-table ethic that has made the movement so popular.

Farmer's Market PostcardsFarmer's Market PostcardsFarmer's Market Letterpress Block