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It’s Good to be The King

Nothing’s got more hot sauce cred than Frank’s RedHot® Sauce. It was the secret ingredient in the original Buffalo wings, and today it still puts up big numbers as the #1 hot sauce brand in America.

So the plan was clear: leverage the brand’s lead to help operators hone their own wing skills. The Frank’s RedHot® King of Wings program did just that—via recipes, tips, tools and a little old lady who brought her A game.



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Looking Out for the Little Ones

Finding healthy menu options that kids will actually eat is an age-old problem. Fortunately, there’s a versatile vegetable that doesn’t arouse any suspicion. Bush’s Best® Beans to the rescue.

With the launch of our fully integrated campaign, we’ve positioned beans as the ultimate solution to the kids’ cuisine dilemma. While our print ad grabs the attention of operators and chefs, a range of digital executions give our audience the tools they need to bring Bush’s Best® to their kids’ menu ASAP. And for those who still like their recipes on paper, we developed a recipe book that’s completely dedicated to kid-friendly recipes featuring our beans.

Sales are up as kids across the nation indulge in delicious, vegetable dishes—most likely without even knowing it. Picky_Eaters_Ad






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Sweet Street Desserts Summerberry Dog

It’s All About Style

This style guide is the go-to resource for Sweet Street Desserts’ brand identity. It showcases the brand’s creative treatments and is a direct reflection of how Sweet Street is perceived by customers and what sets it apart from the competition.

Sweet Street Desserts Style Guide

Sweet Street Style Guide

Sweet Street Style Guide

Sweet Street Style Guide

Sweet Street Style Guide

Sweet Street Style Guide