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Tyson Pizzatober pizza photography with beer.

Owning National Pizza Month

October is National Pizza Month, and Tyson Foodservice wanted to create a promotion that would effectively link its Hillshire Farm® brand with the festive occasion. We decided the best way to do that was with a unique and memorable theme name—complete with a hashtag to let everyone know “we own this thing.” #Pizzatober just sounded right from the word go, and the accompanying product photography we featured made it look even better.

Several promotional events were already built into the National Pizza Month holiday. So we tailored our marketing efforts to capitalize on each. For instance, we created a pairing guide for Pizza & Beer Day (Oct. 9th) and promoted a signature recipe for Sausage Pizza Day (Oct. 11th) via eblasts and paid social. We also created a downloadable toolkit to help operators plan a successful monthlong celebration of America’s favorite food.

Tyson Pizzatober landing page on laptop screen.Tyson Pizzatober social media toolkit.Tyson Pizzatober digital media on tablet screen.Tyson Pizzatober email series on phone screens.Tyson Pizzatober pairing guide top.Tyson Pizzatober pairing guide bottom.

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Orrington Farms Windmill Barn & Silo Scene

Orrington Farms Re-Brand

With low consumer awareness, small share and distribution in retail, and major brands playing in the same category, Orrington Farms needed a brand refresh and a campaign that would invite new customers to experience premium taste as pure as the farm.

Starting with their line of concentrated bases, we wanted to showcase the power of the brand not only as the start of homestyle savory soups but also a means of transforming ordinary recipes into make-again meals everyone will ask for. Revitalizing product packaging, updating the brand website, and creating a digital media campaign worked together to play up the farm-style heritage and flavor-enhancing ease of Orrington Farms products.

Orrington Farms Brand Guidelines
Orrington Farms Original LogoOrrington Farms Updated Logo

After focus grouping a number of new logo concepts with current customers, we discovered that the original Orrington Farms logo had significant consumer recognition and a high-level of brand trust. So, to maintain and build upon Orrington’s brand equity, the existing logo was updated. We started by refining the farm scene which included opening-up the windmill, barn and silo’s negative space, with both elements slightly shifted to sit properly against the scene’s horizon. The treeline was softened and simplified with the crop row’s strokes more unified in size and spacing. This, along with a beefier, more prominent type selection for the Orrington Farms moniker help the logo work harder on the shelf, more legible in smaller applications, with an overall cleaner presentation for a stronger brand presence.

Orrington Farms Concentrated Chicken Flavored Base JarOrrington Farms Concentrated Bases Jar Wall of ProductsOrrington Farms Turkey Flavored Gravy Mix JarOrrington Farms Gravy Mixes Product WallOrrington Farms Slow Cookers Tender Post Roast Seasoning PacketOrrington Farms Slow Cookers Tender Post Roast Seasoning Packet BottomOrrington Farms Slow Cookers Seasoning Packets Product WallOrrington Farms Meal Creations Red Thai Coconut Curry PouchOrrington Farms Meal Creations Red Thai Coconut Curry Pouch BottomOrrington Farms Meal Creations Products Pouches WallOrrington Farms Meal Creations Organics Beef Stew PacketOrrington Farms Meal Creations Organics Beef Stew Packet BottomOrrington Farms Meal Creations Organics Products Packets WallOrrington Farms Striped BackgroundOrrington Farms Sell Sheets OverheadOrrington Farms – So long! Sign Off Windmill Barn & Silo Scene
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All for the love of pizza. Gray background, featuring garlic parmesan wings, spaghetti and meatballs, and pesto chicken pizza.

Pizza Means Everything

“Pizza” might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Tyson Foodservice. But the fact is, the company has a rather large share of the pie when it comes to overall toppings sold in the industry. And recognizing pizza as a prime opportunity for continued growth, Tyson Foodservice wanted to communicate its extensive offerings, solutions and category expertise to foodservice operators.

Marlin created a branding campaign that positioned Tyson Foodservice as a leading supplier not only of pizza toppings, but also of all the complementary offerings that round out a pizza operator’s menu. Our “All for the love of pizza” brochure featured gorgeous photography, insightful stats and a compelling message to let operators know we share their passion for doing great things with pizza.

Pizza SLP brochure on a dark gray background. Featuring multiple recipes.Pizza SLP digital ads on an ipad screen. Headlines read Sicillian Fundido dip recipe on a light gray textured background.Red peppers in a dish with a hand holding a serving tray with Fundido dip. Text reads,
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Tyson National Chicken Month logo. September is made for deliciousness.

National Chicken Month? We got this.

When you’re one of the world’s largest poultry suppliers, National Chicken Month is kind of a big deal. So of course Tyson Foodservice wanted to give this occasion all the fanfare and festivity it deserved. We created our September is Made for Deliciousness campaign to help celebrate this beloved protein like never before.

Our primary goal was to keep foodservice operators entertained and engaged all month long. So, we developed an interactive webpage with some real stickiness baked in. By offering new content each week—complete with a product focus, recipe inspiration, rebate offer and interactive activity—we were able to generate excitement for National Chicken Month that went beyond just a few casual clicks.

The results? Tyson Foodservice was thrilled with the number of operator engagements on our promotional webpage. And we’re confident that patrons were thrilled as well—enjoying some tasty new chicken dishes served up in the participating restaurants.

Tyson National Chicken Month recipe inspiration pages.Tyson National Chicken Month Tender Dog photography.Tyson National Chicken Month Social Media Toolkit.Tyson National Chicken Month photography. Loaded boneless wings.Tyson National Chicken Month email examples on iphone screens.Tyson National Chicken Month photography. Breakfast chicken sandwich.