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Made with Love & Care

Miss Vickie’s® started in 1987 by a mother making kettle chips for her kids using ingredients fresh from the family farm. It’s a brand that truly started out of love and care and has grown into one of the most recognizable kettle chips in foodservice.

But the wonderful story and moral backbone of the brand was being forgotten. So, we worked with them (and the beautiful new packaging they’d just developed) to relaunch the Miss Vickie’s brand and remind everyone that the very best flavors are born from strong roots.


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Edgewood Creamery Brand Identity Project

Naturally Crafted. Naturally Good.

Edgewood Creamery is a fantastic local family-owned and operated establishment in Southwest Missouri that uses a natural, balanced rotational grazing dairy to produce fresh, quality milk, which is then used to handcraft small batches of some truly exceptional cheeses.

We recently had the pleasure to work with these wonderful folks to help them redefine their brand, identity, and packaging applications to establish their growing business in the artisan cheese category. We’re pretty proud of how it all turned out, but even prouder of the fact that we were able to stop eating their cheese long enough to write this.

Edgewood Creamery Logotile-edgewood_02 tile-edgewood_03 tile-edgewood_04 tile-edgewood_05 tile-edgewood_06 tile-edgewood_07

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Sweet Street’s Bar Packaging

A Work of Art—Inside and Out

When Sweet Street packaged their most popular dessert bars for consumers, they needed a package design that reflected the rich but frisky nature of gourmet on-the-go. Cues from messaging combined with artful icons created the vibrant, playful look we call Ooh La La.

Sweet Street Desserts Bar Packaging Group

Sweet Street Desserts Toffee Crunch Blondie

Sweet Street Desserts Pecan Chocolate Chunks

Sweet Street Desserts Lemon Raspberry Crumb

Sweet Street Desserts Fabulous Chocolate Chunk Brownie

Sweet Street Desserts Caramel Apple Granny Bars