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Break the Internet with Breakfast Hero

Boost the Breakfast Feed

No, it’s not a glitch. It’s a 24/7 breakfast takeover. We worked with Tyson Foodservice to fill the social feeds with college students’ favorite breakfast moments. This campaign consisted of both Operator/Sales training components, and student-facing materials to encourage students to share how they do breakfast for a chance to win prizes. We provided universities with email assets, social media images and post samples to blast the breakfast momentum! As an added benefit, Tyson was able to gain helpful insights about how students are participating in the all-day-breakfast trend.

Break the Internet with Breakfast Sales Sheet

Break the Internet with Breakfast Toolkit

Break the Internet with Breakfast Instagram Post

Break the Internet with Breakfast Bacon & Egg Sandwich

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UniPro’s Companions Disposables Product Line Logo

A Helping Hand Everyday

UniPro, America’s largest foodservice buying group helps smaller regional foodservice distributors compete head-to-head with the dominant national players. Aside from volume purchasing, a portfolio of private labels competing with consumer brands help keep prices down.

The Companions non-food product line offers the basics including paper towels, rubber gloves, aluminum foil, toilet paper, and napkins. It’s among the many UniPro private label categories and was the first of the many new or re-brand assignments tasked to the Marlin brand team to tackle.

Companions Brand GuidelinesCompanions Logo Before and After

Lending a helping hand by containing, carrying, or cleaning — that’s what the Companions product line does. The Campanions icon is built by mirrored hands, symbolizing the everyday can-do helping hands attitude of UniPro’s non-food product line.

Companions Brand PositioningCompanions Logos GridCompanions Type Specimen Pangram: Knowledgeable foodservice operators choose UniPro’s Companions expert line of quality disposables and sanitary supplies to make any job a whiz.Companions Toilet Paper Tissue Rolls Mockup

Tiered for value, Campanions Premier, Merit, and Essentials product lines’ offers operators a range of quality and price choices to best serve their customers.

Companions Quality Tiering SchemeCompanions Paper Towels MockupCompanions Paper Towel Palleted CasesMan Holding Companions Vinyl Gloves CaseCompanions Vinyl Gloves BoxCompanions Vinyl Gloves Box DielineCompanions NapkinsCompanions Napkins and Aluminum FoilCompanions What you need, when you need it. Hand Trucked Paper Towel Cases

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Yakima Chief Hops Hop Bines Aerial

Supplying Hops Responsibly

Leading America’s craft beer revolution, grower owned Yakima Chief Hops are the farmers, processors, and suppliers to a thirsty nation. A foundation of re-investment in modern farm practices, breeding, and new product innovation have put YCH at the top of a competitive international hop market. Along with a new generation of beer lovers, each family farm is looking to their next generation to build upon what today’s YCH has achieved. The biennial Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report is a critical component of guiding near- and long-term goals in maintaining sustainable and equitable business and farming practices.

Yakima Chief Hops CSR ReportYakima Chief Hops CSR Report Pages 2-3 DetailYakima Chief Hops We do not inherit the earth Chief Si’ahl quoteYakima Chief Hops CSR Report Booklets StackedYakima Chief Hops CSR Report Icon SetYCH CSR Report Our Stakeholders PosterYakima Chief Hops CSR Report Spread Pages 2–3Yakima Chief Hops CSR Report Spread Pages 4-5Yakima Chief Hops CSR Report Spread Pages 6-7Yakima Chief Hops CSR Report Spread Pages 8-9Yakima Chief Hops CSR Report Spread Pages 12-13Yakima Chief Hops CSR Report Spread Pages 14-15Yakima Chief Hops CSR Report Pages 16–17 DetailYCH CSR Report Process Overarching Goals PosterYCH CSR Report Process Strategic Goals PosterYakima Chief Hops CSR Report Spread Pages 16-17Yakima Chief Hops CSR Report Spread Pages 18-19Yakima Chief Hops CSR Report Spread Pages 20-21Yakima Chief Hops CSR Report Spread Pages 22-23Yakima Chief Hops CSR Report Spread Pages 24-25Yakima Chief Hops Great Beer Grows Here PosterYCH CSR Report Food Safety Poster



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Yakima Chief Hops Blends Icons Hero

Blended for a Purpose

Alongside single strain hop varieties are hop blends offering a new way of adding never-before-tasted unique hop flavors for brewers. Much like the tradition of blending coffee beans from a variety of sources to create more balanced flavor profiles, hop blends promise these same benefits.

In addition to Yakima Chief Hops’ Independence, Pacific Crest, and Zythos blends, YCH offers four cause-based efforts that blend great hop flavors with four unique missions to do good. Choosing Pink Boots, Veterans, PAWS, or Falconer’s Flight blends are all great ways our favorite breweries can give a little bit back by simply doing what they do best.

Marlin created seven uniquely YCH branded icons that work just as hard as the beers they inspire.

Yakima Chief Hops Independence Blend IconYakima Chief Hops Pacific Crest Blend IconYakima Chief Hops Zythos Blend IconYakima Chief Hops Blends I Gave Back Social MessagingYakima Chief Hops Pink Boots Blend IconYakima Chief Hops Veterans Blend IconYakima Chief Hops PAWS Blend IconYakima Chief Hops Falconer’s Flight Blend IconYakima Chief Hops Veterans Blend Landing PageYakima Chief Hops Pink Boots Brewers Pink Rubber BootsYakima Chief Hops Veterans Blend Tattooed Beer PullYakima Chief Hops PAWS Blend Scarfed Pup