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Marlin Building

Everything You Could Ever Want to Know

In 1985, we were founded with a mission to create marketing that was smart, engaging and unexpected. Today, we work with some of the world’s biggest brands, and it’s all thanks to strategy that enlightens, creative that connects and clients who truly get it.

We are a full-service agency with expertise in foodservice, B2B and consumer marketing. We are the title member of the Marlin Network, a group of complementary creative service agencies located in the Midwest.


  • Grace Beesley

    Account Service


    The best thing about Grace is she’s a full-time bollocks buster as a part-time Cross Fit coach. Singing to the tune of Classical Gas, she won’t let off that you’re weak, unworthy, and tires were made for lifting, not rolling.

  • Natalie O’Leary

    Account Service


    The best thing about Natalie is that she’s a twin. The worst thing about Natalie is there aren’t just two of her… but eight. At least we think so: We’re not sure if she means eight sets of twins or if she’s a member of an octopod.

  • Abby Gust



    The best thing about Abby is the time she was on Jersey Shore. In the background. Maybe. Apparently, Vinnie shook her hand which shook Abby to the depths of her soul… or loins — we can’t tell.

  • Emily Dale

    Account Service


    The best thing about Emily is that she has a masters in trash talking and a PhD in office pranking. Oh, and she works here in her spare time.

  • James Kaminski

    Account Service

    The best thing about James is he’s never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you.

  • Elizabeth Howard

    Account Service


    The best thing about Elizabeth is that she can kick the crap out of chopsticks. With one hand.

  • Kayla Jones

    Account Service


    The best thing about Kayla is her bad-ass Mustang. Actually BOTH her bad-ass Mustangs — separated by 40 years and a thousand burnouts.

  • Sheri Abernathy



    The best thing about Abernathy is she is still evolving. She can wiggle her ears at will, an evolutionary trait now completely useless to humans.

  • Emily Dunn

    Account Service


    The best thing about Emily is her ability to kill a hearty philodendron in under 48 hours.

  • Cody Cash



    The best thing about Cody is that “Cody Takes Your Business Seriously™”

  • Curt Bussen



    The best thing about Curt? Hockey. Look it up.

  • Vanessa Brandt

    Account Service


    The best thing about Vanessa is that her mom works in a coal mine. No, really… Her mom works in coal mine and wears coal miner boots and drives the biggest dump truck you’ve never driven.

  • Elizabeth Brooks

    Account Service


    The best thing about Elizabeth is that she can lick her elbow. Did you just read that? Elizabeth… can lick… her elbow. Makes you wonder what elbows taste like?

  • Nora Hiatt



    The best thing about Nora is her vast knowledge of Disney films and ability to say all kinds of naughty things in Spanish.

  • Quentin Brown



    The best thing about Quentin is he keeps changing his profile picture and this text and no one notices.

  • Shelbey Stockton

    Account Service


    The best thing about Shelbey is her ability to mix well with clients. Running a close second is her ability to mix drinks and get the party started.

  • Sarah Shelburn

    Account Service


    The best thing about Sarah is her ability to create music playlists suitable for every occasion. A skill she honed in her Jr. High mix tape days.

  • James Mulvenon



    The best thing about James is that he is known to fight mountain lions in his free time, go fishing with bears and his curly hair has been known to change weather patterns.

  • Sam Pyle



    The best thing about Sam is that no matter how many children he has, he will always have more toys than all of them combined.

  • Matt Rose



    The best thing about Matt is, his whole family knows how to call the shots.

  • Brian Collins



    The best thing about Brian is his absolute belief that any civilization that had felt the need to create detailed instructions for the use of toothpicks has lost its head and he’ll have nothing to do with it.