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Everything You Could Ever Want to Know

In 1985, we were founded with a mission to create marketing that was smart, engaging and unexpected. Today, we work with some of the world’s biggest brands, and it’s all thanks to strategy that enlightens, creative that connects and clients who truly get it.

We are a full-service agency with expertise in foodservice, B2B and consumer marketing. We are the title member of the Marlin Network, a group of complementary creative service agencies located in the Midwest.


  • Kristen Morones

    Kristen Morones

    Account Service

    The best thing about Kristen is her multilingual game. Her family is Bulgarian. She speaks the language fluently and while growing up spent many a summer with family in the country.

  • Michaela Brady

    Michaela Brady

    Account Service

    The best thing about Michaela is her added flexibility from the extra vertebrate she’s packing. Don’t believe it? Five National Gymnastic Championship Titles back it up.

  • Angela Moeller

    Angela Moeller

    Account Service

    The best thing about Angela is her passion for creatively incorporating beautiful antiques into clean modern classic design. She’s also been to over 100 concerts. In our book, it’s a toss-up.

  • John Bogue

    John Bogue

    Account Service

    The best thing about John is his unwavering commitment to his favorite soccer team. They haven’t won anything in 2 decades but he still roots them on every week like they did.

  • Benjamin Derryberry

    Benjamin Derryberry

    Account Service

    The best thing about Benjamin is that before marketing, he owned and operated a SCUBA diving company. Today, he applies these skills to plunging deeper into client projects without passing out from oxygen deprivation.

  • Kyle Rutherford

    Kyle Rutherford


    The best thing about Kyle is his encyclopedic knowledge. He probably already knows the answer to whatever question you’re about to ask. His second best thing is the ability to Google any question faster than you can finish asking.

  • Jeremy Adams

    Jeremy Adams


    The best thing about Jeremy is either his love of whiskey or his designation as an “Honorary Trooper” by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. We’re not sure if the two are related but we think either are pretty cool.

  • Shen Chen Hsieh

    Shen Chen Hsieh


    The best thing about Shen is her collection of spicy recipes. The better than best thing about Shen is her excitement to whip us up one of her fiery dishes.

  • Jill Haber

    Jill Haber

    Account Service

    The best thing about Jill is she has never been late to anything and possesses encyclopedic recall of all 90’s hip hop and country music lyrics, making her a true crossover hit before crossover was cool.

  • Brandon Glaser

    Brandon Glaser

    Account Service

    The best thing about Brandon is that he always has a playlist curated for whatever the adventure may entail.

  • Marcus Grisham

    Marcus Grisham


    The best thing about Marcus is he’s always there. He may not know where there is. But that’s where he is.

  • Chloe Brekenridge

    Chloe Breckenridge

    Account Service

    The best thing about Chloe is she’s undefeated in iPhone basketball… and still looking for a way to make it relevant on a résumé. Swish!

  • Chelzey Moore

    Chelzey Moore

    Account Service

    The best thing about Chelzey is she designs and sews wedding and prom dresses in her free time but only recently learned that narwhals were real animals. Mostly.

  • Hayley Medlin

    Hayley Medlin

    Account Service

    The best thing about Hayley is that she can always locate a Starbucks. Even without the aid of Google Maps.

  • Emilie Harrison

    Emilie Harrison

    Account Service

    The best things about Emilie is she can stand on her head for a very, very extended amount of time. That has to count for something, right? Dedication maybe?

  • Melody Miller

    Melody Miller


    The best thing about Melody is you’ll find a disco ball in her office and another in her Jeep. Careful! She resolves stand-offs via dance-offs.

  • Brian Neyer

    Brian Neyer

    Account Service

    The best thing about Brian is that it’s a guaranteed W if he’s on your team for the local pub’s trivia night. CHEERS!

  • Sharon Kuntz

    Sharon Kuntz


    The best thing about Sharon is that if you repeat her last name over and over it sounds like you’re at a super hip dance club. (Pronunciation tip: Koontz)

  • Nate Hart

    Nate Hart


    The best thing about Nate is that despite it possibly seeming insincere, he actually does want to spread joy in this world, and that’s worth fighting for.

  • Megan Shiver

    Megan Shiver


    The best thing about Megan is her love of animals and children. In fact, she was a preschool teacher for 5 years. She’s a perfect fit to put up with us.

  • Matt Pendergrass

    Matt Pendergrass


    The best thing about Matt is he thinks he smokes the absolutely best tri-tip in all the land, just like our other Matt. Must be a Matt thing.

  • Megan Dickey

    Megan Dickey

    Account Service

    She learned to recite the alphabet backwards in like 3 seconds. Practical real-world application? Still working on that. Zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba

  • Chris Flagg

    Chris Flagg


    The best thing about Chris is dependability. You can always count on him to be loud. Like really freaking loud.

  • Natalie O’Leary

    Natalie O’Leary

    Account Service

    The best thing about Natalie is that she’s a twin. The worst thing about Natalie is there aren’t just two of her… but eight. At least we think so: We’re not sure if she means eight sets of twins or if she’s a member of an octopod.

  • James Kaminski

    James Kaminski

    Account Service

    The best thing about James is he’s never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you.

  • Elizabeth Howard

    Elizabeth Howard

    Account Service

    The best thing about Elizabeth is that she can kick the crap out of chopsticks. With one hand.

  • Sheri Abernathy

    Sheri Abernathy


    The best thing about Abernathy is she is still evolving. She can wiggle her ears at will, an evolutionary trait now completely useless to humans.

  • Curt Bussen

    Curt Bussen


    The best thing about Curt? Hockey. Look it up.

  • Vanessa Brandt

    Vanessa Brandt

    Account Service


    The best thing about Vanessa is she battles on. If it’s not a competition it doesn’t matter. You got three kids, she’s got four. You got a dog, she’s got three. You have an allergy she’s got 38. Stand down loser.

  • Shelbey Stockton

    Shelbey Stockton

    Account Service

    The best thing about Shelbey is her ability to mix well with clients. Running a close second is her ability to mix drinks and get the party started.

  • Quentin Brown

    Quentin Brown


    The best thing about Quentin is he keeps changing his profile picture and this text and no one notices.

  • Sam Pyle

    Sam Pyle


    The best thing about Sam is that no matter how many children he has, he will always have more toys than all of them combined.

  • Matt Rose

    Matt Rose



    The best thing about Matt is, his whole family knows how to call the shots.

  • Brian Collins

    Brian Collins


    The best thing about Brian is his absolute belief that any civilization that had felt the need to create detailed instructions for the use of toothpicks has lost its head and he’ll have nothing to do with it.