Ideas wide open.


Marlin Motion 2016

The world of food never stands still. It’s only fitting we show it in motion.

Enjoy our new reel of motion and film work. Thanks to our fantastic shooters, animators, and talent that make our work possible. Even enjoyable.

If you’d like to know who did what, drop us a line.


An Invitation to Crunch

When we were tasked to introduce French’s™ Crispy Jalapeños, communicating “made with real jalapeños” was at the top of the priority list. What better way to dial this up than with an arresting jalapeño visual that morphs into the product itself. From there, the simple headline and unique center-gate brochure cover invited operators inside to learn more about the crunchy, craveable goodness.

Crispy Jalapeno Animated


Bean to Bean Competition

Bush’s Best® Easy Entrées are beans-immersed-in-sauce creations that give K-12 kitchens a rich, spicy, flavorful foundation upon which they can build an incredible variety of delicious, nutritious meals in moments.

We launched these products with a fun Chopped-style video to highlight the range of options easy entrées offer kitchens, even with limited time and ingredients. We followed up with a print campaign showcasing some of the mouthwatering possibilities that can be created at a surprisingly low cost—something schools always appreciate.

Marlinco_EE_2Marlinco_EE_5 Marlinco_EE_4 Marlinco_EE_3




Celebrating a Century

Cobb began as a small family farm in Littleton, Massachusetts in 1916, and just celebrated their 100-year anniversary. We were honored to be part of their event near the birthplace of their great company, Boston, and help them and their family of distributors celebrate a century of progress.

When we started developing the identity and concepts for the centennial, we wanted to embrace the history and culture of Cobb. So we started sorting through old photos and imagery from the company’s archives. One image in particular stood out, featuring a beautiful old Cobb truck and some determined employees.

Most of the pieces and ideas for the event developed and evolved from that central image. This focus allowed us to celebrate the company’s growth throughout the last 100 years in business, as well as honor the employees and customers who helped make it all possible.

cobb-marlin-post-01 cobb-marlin-post-02 cobb-marlin-post-03 cobb-marlin-post-04 cobb-marlin-post-05 cobb-marlin-post-06 cobb-marlin-post-07 cobb-marlin-post-08 cobb-marlin-post-09