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Our Craft Inspired by Your Passion Hillshire Farms Pizza Toppings

Putting Pizza Under One Roof

When Tyson Foodservice decided to consolidate its many pizza offerings under a single name, one stood above all others: Hillshire Farm®. But our assignment went beyond simply announcing the transition to this iconic, 85-year-old brand. We were also challenged to position Hillshire Farm® as a means for operators to achieve a greater good in their communities through pizza.

With a transition hot sheet and an overall Hillshire Farm® brand brochure, phase one of our assignment is now complete. And phase two? Well, it’s currently in the pizza oven. Stay tuned.

Hillshire Farms Pizza Toppings BrochureHillshire Farms Pizza Toppings SandwichOur Craft Inspired by Your Passions Digital Ad CampaignHillshire Farms Pizza Toppings Soccer Team Pizza PartyHillshire Farms Pizza Toppings Hot SheetHillshire Farms Pizza Toppings Back of House Slicing Pizza

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There are no open Marlin positions

We’re good, thanks!

We actually don’t have any open positions right now, but we appreciate your interest.

Give us a shout anyway. We’re always looking for great talent.

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Little Caesars

Grow! Grow!

Expanding with new restaurant locations during a global pandemic might seem like an unrealistic goal. But Little Caesars® is no ordinary pizza brand. And we weren’t about to give them just any old marketing plan, either.

Through a deep dive into the Little Caesars® franchise development business, and a test of 9 different creative executions, we were able to hone-in on messages that resonated with potential new franchisees. The result? Year-over-year growth of new openings in 2020.

Little Caesars Grow! Grow! IconsLittle Caesars Grow! Grow! Email & Social Posts

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OvenStone Bakery

OvenStone Brand Development

Nothing satisfies like fresh-from-the-oven baked breads, buns, wraps, and every other bakery case staple or treat. OvenStone is UniPro’s everyday baked goods product line offering member foodservice distributors a full range of affordable bakery-fresh products.

Marlin developed the OvenStone brand by identifying key competitors, the brand name, logo, and numerous applications, all supporting the OvenStone’s promise of great things every day.

OvenStone Bakery Brand GuidelinesOvenStone Bakery Primary LogoGreat Things Everyday – We believe that ovens do more than bake. Of course, the hearty, delicious, aromatic baked goods are vital, but so is the feeling of wholesome, quality goodness that comes with a lovingly baked product. And we want that feeling to be present in every meal throughout consumers’ busy lives. That’s why OvenStone Bakery works so hard to bake everyday goodness into every bread, dessert, and snack we sell. From our hearth to your kitchen, OvenStone is the keystone of quality and consistency in your back-of-house and on your patrons’ tables.OvenStone Bakery Built to Fill PosterOvenStone Bakery Built to Fill Poster GroupOvenStone Bakery Bagged Bread GroupOvenStone Bakery Corrugate Boxed BreadGreat Things EverydayOvenStone ApronOvenStone Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies PackagingS&S Hilborn Type Specimen Pangram: Inquiring minds just knead to dough where OvenStone homestyle pre-boxed frozen ciabatta breads can be bought.Montserrat Type Specimen Pangram: OvenStone Bakery bakes doughy pretzels, coquettish crumbly cookies, and extra jumbo paper-wrapped muffins.Rhythm One Solid Type Specimen Pangram: Excellent OvenStone, the crust, a crumb! A little trust, a demijohn can keep the soul alive. Not portly, mind! But breathing warm, conscious as zealous Napoleona night before the Queen’s crown!OvenStone Bakery Thanks Mom!