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Of Fall and Favorites

Perhaps the greatest thing about fall is that it’s not just accepted, it’s embraced. The colors are widely celebrated, the temperatures are gladly welcomed, and the flavors are absolutely, unabashedly adored—especially Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Building on the subdued palette of the season and the comfort that comes from warm, welcoming Starbucks drinks, this campaign let consumers know their favorite drinks were back and it was time to fall in love all over again.

Starbucks operators were able to access promotional recipes and marketing via Starbucks Solutions, a digital platform Marlin created for Starbucks that allows customers authenticated access to exclusive recipes, training tools and promotions.



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A Structure Reclaimed

The last time we featured our Hotel Vandivort branding work, renovations were still underway. Dust was in the air and guests were still a hope. Now that it’s complete, you can walk by practically any time of day and see The Order bustling with business and the lobby area full of plugged-in professionals.

Originally built in 1906 as a Masonic Temple, the Vandivort’s expansive open flooring and historic charm made it a perfect pick to become Springfield’s first four-diamond hotel, a bit of SoHo right here in SoMo. And we’re proud to share more of our work for this iconic property.



The building’s history coupled with its downtown charm lends itself to a playful brand personality.


Cheeky and drool-worthy, The Order’s menu redesign draws in Springfield natives and hungry out-of-town hipsters alike.


The fun voice follows guests in-room with oddly specific do not disturb signs and friendly request cards.

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Transforming a Traditional Brand

As the barbecue category expands beyond the rib and branches into exciting flavor territory, Cattlemen’s® needed a way to shift its reputation as a “traditional” barbecue brand. This repositioning gives Cattlemen’s® a “new traditionalist” attitude—turning it into an innovative and inspiring brand. The new Cattlemen’s® look matches its mantra: No barbecue boundaries.




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Practicing the Elevator Pitch

Unilever Global uses product “selling stories” to help sales staff quickly communicate the key benefits of a given product. We like to think of these concepts as an elevator pitch. How can we communicate the main product benefit with a quick visual? Well-balanced demi-glace becomes an ingredient acrobatic act. Au jus flavor gets an authentic stamp of approval. And brown gravy’s rich, meaty taste works with any application.