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The Pub® burger image on a table. Your next mouthwatering masterpiece is waiting to be made. Beef Rebrand.

An Eye-catching, Mouthwatering Beef Rebrand

There’s nothing we love more than really sinking our teeth into a rebranding. Especially when that rebranding happens to include a product we can literally sink our teeth into. Such was the case with our recent work with the Tyson Foodservice brand The Pub®. Because it’s so well known for providing operators with a delicious, premium product that they can build on, we dedicated ourselves to creating a logo and beef rebrand materials that would do that heritage justice.

Speaking of the logo, when we started work on revitalizing The Pub®, we wanted to modernize the logo while maintaining the sense of history and reliability that is so integral to the brand character. We reduced some of the older unnecessary elements and added a tagline to help the brand maintain its essence across all uses and materials. The updated photography captures the feel of a pub’s atmosphere and the brand colors were subtly worked into each setting as well.  We chose a new font pairing to give the brand a more contemporary feel that, much like a quality rug, really ties everything together. The expressive brush font was chosen to enhance the artistic “masterpiece” theme, and the sturdier san serif font helps ground everything.

In the end, we couldn’t be happier with how this mouthwatering beef rebrand turned out. We love the way all the different components came together with a fresh logo, eye-catching marketing materials, and some helpful brand guidelines to help place this wonderful brand and all of its products into a package that’s so vivid you can almost taste.

The Pub® Brand GuidelinesThe Pub® logo with white background, blue background, and yellow background examplesPoster with text that readys "We call it a masterpiece" and a burger imageThe bottom of a poster that reads "We can call it delicious"Digital ad examples. Displayed on the background as well as a laptop and cell phone.Food warmer and shelf dangler ad examples.Food warmer with display and shelf dangler. The top portion of a brochure.Thanks!

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Tyson Dark Meat – Feature Image Plated Chicken

Celebrating the Savory Side of Chicken

Dark meat chicken is a tender, juicy and flavorful option that is perfect for adding indulgent dishes on restaurant menus. But the fact is, people often perceive it as being undesirable compared to white meat chicken.

Marlin was challenged to change the way operators look at dark meat chicken and increase demand for Tyson Foodservice’s delicious new offerings. Simply gorgeous food photography and a message that celebrated the savory side of chicken worked in tandem to achieve the desired results.

Tyson Dark Meat – Recipe GuideTyson Dark Meat – PosterTyson Dark Meat – Poster ContinuedTyson Dark Meat – Recipe Inspiration GuideTyson Dark Meat – RebateTyson Dark Meat – Digital AdsTyson Dark Meat – Tyson On DemandTyson Dark Meat – Closing

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Tyson Great Pizza Giveback cardboard pizza box city photography.

The Great Pizza Give Back

For many pizza operators, giving back is a passion that goes far beyond the walls of their establishments. Hillshire Farm® wanted to identify operators who are making a real difference in their communities—and then reward them with a chance to win a Grand Prize of up to $15,000 to carry out their philanthropic efforts.

Marlin helped launch The Great Pizza Give Back with an inspired stop-motion visual concept that demonstrated how Hillshire Farm® celebrates those who build more than pizza. The engaging “cardboard community” literally sprung to life in various social and digital executions to capture viewers’ attention and build excitement for the promotion.

Tyson Great Pizza Giveback sell sheet.Tyson Great Pizza Giveback emails.

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Tenderbroil® Beef Patties Rebrand Overhead Hamburger Image

A Beef Rebrand You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Tyson Foodservice has so many great brands that last the test of time. Of course, the longer they’re around, the more likely they’ll need some updating from time to time. Luckily, refreshing brands is one of our favorite things to do. Tyson’s Tenderbroil® brand is well known for its great taste and reliable performance, so to match that well-earned reputation, a contemporary top-to-bottom rebrand was necessary. That’s right, we’re talking about a full beef rebrand; refreshed logo, a new brand style guide, and some eye-catching collateral for good measure.

As far as the logo, our task was to modernize it while maintaining the overall look, feel, and color palette. By removing the solid background and updating the container, we were able to create a fresh feel while keeping it recognizable to all its loyal customers. With the style guide, we were able to establish consistent fonts, colors, textures, and photography as well as a tone of voice that will extend out to all future messaging. The result? An excitingly modern — yet familiar — beef rebrand with an established style unifying all marketing materials. And maybe a tasty sample burger here or there. For research of course.

Tenderbroil® Patties Style Guide PagesTenderbroil® Patties Primary Logo & Mushroom Onion HamburgerTenderbroil® Patties Typography Bank Gothic DistressedTenderbroil® Patties Satisfy. Repeat. Hamburger PosterTenderbroil® Patties Color Palette & TexturesTenderbroil® Patties Ball Cap & Shipper BoxTenderbroil® Patties Brochure & Coleslaw Topped HamburgerTenderbroil® Patties Thanks